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Southern California Hiking

In The Hiker’s Way you will find descriptions of the best hikes in Southern California, lots of useful information for hikers, and other interesting data about the geography and wildlife of our natural areas. Southern California has a unique combination of complex geography and great weather. This allows for almost unlimited year round hiking adventures.

The primary goals of The Hiker’s Way are to encourage hiking for new and intermediate hikers, to provide information about challenging adventure hikes for advanced and intermediate hikers, and to promote Southern California as one of the best areas in the entire world adjacent to a major metropolis for hiking.

Check out the drop down menus above or click the links in the following sentences for access to different ways to find great hikes.There is a hiking by area menu, which will direct you to separate pages for different Southern California areas. You may want to start there with the All Southern California hikes page  – all the hikes on this site are listed there, and then you can fine tune your selection process from that point. In addition there are hiking lists that can help you to choose a hike by type. Also, Hikers U provides lots of great information that you may find helpful for your hiking adventures. So check out the maps and hike descriptions, pick a hike, and go for it. The beauty, excitement, and diversity of nature are right here – you just need to get out there and enjoy Southern California Hiking!

Jim Sugel IMG_4586 The Hiker’s Way is the creation of Jim Sugel. After relocating to Southern California from Chicago, and working in software development, he began hiking here in 2000. Jim has since hiked and explored all the major mountain ranges and desert areas in Southern California, and is now gaining experience and training in both climbing and canyoneering, skills that afford opportunities to explore more remote areas. He also loves backpacking here in Southern California and in other magnificent areas like the Sierra Nevada and Utah. Jim’s current interests include web technology, SEO, and screenwriting.

  1. Jeff L Reply

    I live iand hike in big bear, I’m from Laguna Hills and have hiked just about every trail from Big Sur to Bridgeport and on down to San Diego. Ive just recently started hiking a huge untapped 4wd drive/fire road system in this state. Pretty much quadrupling the available backcountry. Something you might include at a later date.

    • Explorer Jim Reply

      Thanks Jeff! You’re right, there is an extensive fire road/jeep road system in many areas. In some cases this allows you to get to some really amazing places. I will keep that in mind for future hike topics!

  2. Gary "The Waterfall Guy" Reply

    Awesome site and info. Thx. for sharing brother, hope to meet/hike/explore/repell with you some day

  3. Anne Reply

    Great website Jim! I hope to see you in the canyons or on the trails again soon! Anne

    • Explorer Jim Reply

      Thanks Anne! I’m glad you like the site. I’m sure we’ll cross paths soon – our wonderful hiking/canyoneering/climbing outdoor community is fairly small world!

  4. Tom Lord Reply

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for all your valuable information. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into your passion. Please keep up the education/information you provide all of us.
    Tom Lord

    • Explorer Jim Reply

      You’re welcome, Tom! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site, and l appreciate your support. Hopefully I’ll see you out there on the trails soon!

  5. John Seymour Reply

    This web site is awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to write up all these cool hikes.

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