Elizabeth Falls

This waterfall, as far as I know, has never been documented in any source, and so I hereby christen it Elizabeth Falls, in memory of my Mother. It resides in a remarkably beautiful and pristine hidden gorge in the amazing Santa Ana Mountains. This range contains an astonishing diversity of  extraordinary wilderness areas in some very rugged and difficult terrain.

This beautiful, secluded gem was discovered through study of maps, Google Earth analysis, and especially good old-fashioned off-trail exploration. This is one of the most beautiful places in the mountain range, and it’s actually in Orange County!

Video of Elizabeth Falls


Photo Gallery of Elizabeth Falls and the Canyon

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  1. Keith Winston Reply

    This is a gorgeous waterfall! Is there a reason you aren’t sharing the location?

    BTW, love the canyoneering reports. Looks like a lot of fun.

    • Explorer Jim Reply

      Hi Keith. For this particular fall there is no legal parking, it’s very difficult to find even once you park, and I think sometimes you just need a private spot!
      And yes, the canyoneering is pretty awesome, it’s an amazing sport. If you’re interested contact Klaus at Uber Adventures for canyoneering training – that’s where I learned.

      • Keith Winston Reply

        Jim, I understand. If I ever accidentally find it, I won’t mention the location. Thanks for the link to uberaventures. I’ve had a hard time finding local training like that.

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