Hiking 101 IMG_0303Hiking 201 – Intermediate Hiking

So you’ve been hiking for a while now, and have your trail legs under you. You have the ability to hike several miles on trail in varied terrain with some decent elevation gain. Beginner hikes are now relatively easy for you, and you want to step up to some more challenging trails. The good news is that the hard part’s over, and the fun is just beginning. With intermediate hiking you can continue to improve your conditioning and the sky’s the limit – both literally and figuratively.


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One of your great opportunities now is to maintain and improve your physical, psychological, and spiritual health on a continuous basis indefinitely. It’s no exaggeration to state that this wonderful activity can allow for consistent and incremental improvement for a lifetime. There’s always something more to learn, more places to explore, and new friends with whom to share your knowledge and enthusiasm.



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Now you will want to try some of the trails rated moderate, and work your way up to strenuous. This is a time when you should attempt to become an expert of sorts on hiking gear and mountain knowledge. You should be familiar with basic hiking gear and hiking safety by now, and you will want to expand your knowledge base continuously through research and experience. Before you know it you’ll be doing some adventure hikes. The mountains are your playground now, so develop your sense of adventure and live your dream.


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