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Using the Hiking By Area Feature

Use the Hiking By Area drop down menu above to access different areas from which to select exciting hikes. Each of the major ranges in Southern California has its own page on this site. This is because each has its own special character, and each also tends to be somewhat geographically localized. This feature allows you to explore specific areas at your convenience. The areas in the Hiking By Area drop down menu above are grouped by mountain range, and by looking at the interactive map on the associated page you can see where the mountains ranges are in relation to you.

In addition, you will find hikes organized into type under the Hiking Lists drop down menu above. This will enable you to find beginner hikes, waterfall hikes, and adventure hikes easily.

Note also that the home page accessed by the drop down menu above contains all the hikes on the site so you can see them all at once in the same map or table if so desired, rather than by area or type as described above.

These features can make it simpler to find a hike you might like. Have Fun!

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    Very Cool!

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